Get a Manitoba MRI faster.

We compared private MRI clinics near Winnipeg. Wait times under 2 weeks.

Manitoba has NO private-pay MRI's. To book a private MRI, you must travel out of province.

Mayfair MRI Regina

Waitlist:                      7 weeks
1st Body Part:                $990

Additional Parts:       $810/ea

Contrast Dye:                 $250

MRI Strength:               

1.5T GE Optima* MR450w 


Extended hours, 

7 days a week. 


Mon-Fri: 7a-11p

Sat-Sun: 8a-4p

Phone:  (306) 569-9729

Doctor Form: Mayfair Regina Fillable PDF

Open Skies MRI Regina

Waitlist:                      2 weeks
1st Body Part:                $950

Additional Parts:              Call

Contrast Dye:                 $250

MRI Strength:               

1T (Open) Philips Panorama


Open style MRI for claustrophobia or larger patients. 


Mon-Fri: 8a-5p


Phone:  (306) 352-6736

Doctor Form: Open Skies Regina PDF

Waitlist:                      7 weeks
1st Body Part:                $990

Additional Parts:       $810/ea

Contrast Dye:                 $250

MRI Strength:               

1.5T GE Signa Voyager


Closer to northern Manitoba.


Mon-Fri: 7a-9p


Phone:  (306) 664-8600

Doctor Form: Mayfair Saskatoon Fillable PDF

Waitlist:                        Weeks
1st Body Part:                $730

Additional Parts:       $550/ea

Contrast Dye:                 $250

MRI Strength:               

3T GE Signa Architect

1.5T GE Optima* MR450w 


Powerful 3T scanner. Multi-location operator.


Mon-Thur: 7a-9p

Fri-Sat: 8a-4p


Phone:  (403) 777-3000

Doctor Form: Mayfair Place Calgary Fillable PDF 

Waitlist:                        Weeks
1st Body Part:                $695

Additional Parts:       $350/ea

Contrast Dye:                 $250

MRI Strength:               

3T GE Signa Pioneer


Powerful 3T scanner. Lowest pricing.


Mon-Fri: 9:30a-3p


Phone:  (403) 253-4666

Doctor Form: CDC Chinook Calgary Fillable PDF 

All pricing and hours data updated Aug 7, 2023. Fillable PDF forms too. Your browser may give a "redirect notice". It's safe. The link is just taking you straight to the MRI Provider's site.

What is an MRI and are they safe?

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan takes high resolution images of the body, to help doctors identify health issues. 

MRI's are safe.

Unlike a Computerized Tomography (CT) scan which can give the radiation equivalent of thousands of X-Rays in a single scan, MRI's use powerful magnets which have no known health impacts to the human body and provide unrivaled image quality. 

However, if you have any permanent magnetic metals in your body from surgery like plates, screws, clips, and sometimes even tattoos or shrapnel, you may not be able to have an MRI.

Specific screening questions will be asked prior to your MRI occurring.

What is the current Manitoba MRI wait time?

Current Manitoba MRI wait times are 19 weeks. Winnipeg MRI wait times are 26 weeks. (As of December 2023, click picture for latest data).

Is the MRI cancellation list faster?

Yes, but you are NOT added to the cancellation list automatically. You must specifically request to be added. Silly huh?

Cancellation calls are typically very short notice. Be prepared for an urgent call, requesting you on the scanner within a few hours.

What is a private-pay MRI?

It's when the patient buys the scan out of their own pocket.

There are currently NO private MRI clinics in Winnipeg or Manitoba. You must travel out-of-province. 

Private-pay MRI wait times are under 2 weeks. 

Why is Alberta cheaper than Saskatchewan?

In order to allow private MRI's in Saskatchewan, the province forced a "1 for 1" rule on MRI companies. For every private, fee based MRI scan a company does, it must scan 1 person on the public waiting list for free.


So a private customer is not only paying for their own MRI scan, they're effectively paying for 1 scan on the public waitlist too. Hence the increase in cost.

Why does MRI strength matter?

More power means clearer images and shorter scan times.

The power of an MRI magnet is measured in Tesla's, or "T" for short. The most common MRI machines are 1.5T and 3T. The higher the "Tesla Rating" the more powerful the MRI scanner.


A 3T MRI takes roughly half the time as a 1.5T. This can be advantageous if a patient has trouble sitting still.

While 1.5T MRI's are often sufficient, a 3T may be recommended for more intricate issues. 

1.5T vs 3T MRI

What is MRI contrast dye?

Typically comprised of Gadolinium, contrast enhances the images an MRI takes. In fact, some conditions can only be discovered by using contrast.

If requested, contrast is injected into the bloodstream and enhances the image quality of an MRI scan. Contrast is NOT required for every scan. Only when looking for certain issues, especially tumors and lesions.

While commonly regarded as safe, recent debates have called this into question. Do your own research and consult your doctor or radiologist with any concerns if MRI contrast is requested.

MRI Gadolinium Contrast Dye

I've chosen a company. Now what?

To book the MRI scan, your Manitoba doctor needs to send a requisition to the clinic of your choice. An MRI cannot occur unless a doctor requests it. Even if you're paying.


Each clinic's MRI referral form is attached to the comparison table above for your convenience. 

Give the form to your doctor, they will send the request. Typically private MRI clinics will call you within days of receiving the request from your doctor, and on the table for your MRI scan within a week or two.

Why no USA options?

Given US exchange rate, expensive pricing, and lack of transparent American websites; Canadian currently options look most favorable.

If you have info on competitive American MRI providers, feel free to send it to us.

What about the MRI results?

Upon completing your scan, the private MRI clinic will typically provide you with a USB copy of your MRI images.


The images are NOT added to your Manitoba Health eChart file. The only way for Manitoba doctors and specialists to view the MRI images is via the USB copy. So keep it safe!

A radiologist will typically view your images within 1-3 days to write a report with the findings. This report will be sent to you and your doctors to follow up further.

Who are you? Why the site? Is it safe?

I'm Nathan from Manitoba. In 2020 I was referred for a Manitoba MRI Scan due to neurological symptoms. After waiting 5 months without even an appointment scheduled, I was fed up.

So I started looking for private out of province or American MRI providers to get a faster MRI appointment. I had heard of Pembina High Field MRI, but found it was now closed. Luckily, many Private Canadian MRI Providers had popped up across Saskatchewan and Alberta with reasonable pricing.

After calling a few on a Sunday, I booked one and was on the scan table in Regina within 6 days. I was truly amazed.

But the search and comparison process was lengthy. Especially with those "what-ifs" running through your mind. Am I getting a serious diagnosis? It was frazzling.

So while it was fresh, I decided to compile my price and comparison research in one place for others to use also. This site! Hopefully it expedites your search, eases stress, and requires a few less internet tabs open.

Yes, the site is safe. You may get the odd "referral warning" for PDF requisition forms, but this is just your browser warning you that you're going directly to the MRI provider's site.


My email is: